Online Resume

Christian Semmler

Senior Software Engineer


Since the early age of 10, I've been found working and tinkering with computer systems. I have written one of my first programs on a TI Voyage 200 in junior high school, with the purpose of generating step-by-step solutions for equations, granting me a significant edge in math exams. After my first attempt at writing video games, I moved on to the C and subsequently C++ programming languages, discovering a passion for code that works efficiently on the given hardware. Over the next years, I gained experience writing software using various languages on Windows, Linux, and the web. I was hired for my first commercial software development project at the age of 17, and have been working as a professional since then.

Work Experiences

Senior Software Engineer, Project Lead (backend)

dyve | 2013 - today

Together with a small, but trusted team of highly skilled engineers, I have co-founded a software agency with the goal of developing and implementing highest quality IT solutions for clients from various industries. Our company is 100% remote first, working from different places all around the world. We have worked with dozens of clients and partners since then. See our partners & clients page for current references.

  • Working with a wide range of programming languages and technologies
  • Clients all around the world, many of them are part of the ecommerce & advertising industries
  • Solutions ranging from mid- to large-scale enterprise systems with multiple year-long partnerships

Backend developer

During my studies, I was hired by the university to work part-time on various software projects, most notably Stud.IP (student platform) and FlexNow2 (exam management). I developed a number of PHP plugins, enhancing and adding new functionality to the student platform, and improving exam result PDF renders by rewriting XSLT scripts. I also devised a system for managing media files on a remote server using a native C++ Windows desktop application.

Full-stack developer

OrdiFy | 2011 - 2012

Hired as a member of the engineering team of a startup developing a system for ordering products at restaurants & bars using mobile phones in conjunction with QR codes. I worked on all elements of the stack: a web-based (PhoneGap) mobile app for customers, a Java mobile app used to control receipt printers in the background, and the Ruby on Rails backend. Unfortunately, while the technology was sound and proven to be working in field tests, our startup failed to acquire further funding.

Full-stack developer

XLAB Göttingen | 2010 - 2012

Part of a small engineering team of 4 young developers, I was tasked with implementing page specific logic, templates and data models for a web application using a domain-specific PHP framework. The goal was to provide a solution for internal management of resources, courses and students at the XLAB, a laboratory department of the University of Göttingen. We have successfully delivered the product on time and to satisfaction of the client. It is still in production and maintained to this day.


Vault-Tec Multiplayer Mod

Open Source | 2010 - 2015

I have developed a multiplayer mod for Fallout 3, using C++11 technology, involving a server-side scripting architecture and interface, a bunch of template metaprogramming, and reverse engineering. It has been one of my biggest personal projects to date. Due to the time intensive nature, I never managed to complete it.


Open Source | 2010 - today

I contribute to various Open Source projects on GitHub, and maintain my own libraries such as rj_schema.