Christian Semmler

Senior Software Engineer
Welcome to my website! I'm a software engineer specialized in backend and systems development, currently employed at dyve. I'd describe myself as being highly pragmatic and passionate about my work, while readily taking on responsibility whenever the opportunity arises. In my free time I write about software on my blog, support animal welfare and enjoy gardening and cooking. Check out the links below!

What I do professionally

I have more than 10 years' experience building software and developing IT solutions. Below is an overview of my main (technical) skill sets and technologies I use. Want to find out more about my experience? Check out my online resume and project portfolio .

Native & performant code

I have a strong background in and passion for writing native code, using languages such as C, C++ (03, 11, 20), on platforms ranging from calculators to Windows desktops and Linux servers.
RubyRuby on RailsSinatra

Ruby backends

Having realized numerous web application backends using frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Sinatra, I'm very familiar with the Ruby language and consider it my go-to scripting language.
Google AdsGoogle Shopping

Google Ads & Shopping

With 8+ years of experience working with Google Ads (formerly AdWords) as well as Google Shopping, I'm confident with implementing any of the corresponding technologies and APIs.

Ecommerce & online payments

By working with many clients in the ecommerce & advertising industries, I gained valuable experience and insights when it comes to several popular shop systems and payment processors.
Reverse EngineeringProblem solving

Reverse Engineering

I'm able to work with software even in cases where the source code is lacking. This allows me to add, remove or debug functionality, something which would otherwise be considered impossible.

PostgreSQL & data modeling

In plenty of projects, I've been responsible for designing appropriate data models allowing the applications to scale, and implementing them in a suitable database, mostly PostgreSQL.
Flutter RabbitMQ

Web & mobile technologies

I have experience with technologies and languages such as Flutter, JavaScript, PHP, Amazon Web Services, RabbitMQ, Google BigQuery, Apache HTTP server, nginx, and many more.

Multi-service architecture

I've migrated monolithic applications which were crumbling under their weights to well-designed networks of interoperating services, maximizing scalability, stability and performance.

Maintenance & debugging

I take pleasure in maintaining and debugging existing (older) software. I can provide permanent support and/or devise a migration plan, without disrupting production systems.

Git & deployment pipelines

As a software engineer, git is my daily bread and butter. I'm familiar with and regularly implement modern build, test and deployment processes using technologies such as Docker.

Product development

I've planned and designed software products together with CEOs and product managers, contributing my technical knowledge and expertise, yielding superior results.

Network of professionals

Do you require additional skill sets and/or manpower? I routinely work together with a number of world-class designers, engineers and managers. Together, we can achieve anything.

Blog Posts

Archiving a vBulletin forum using HTTrack and Netlify

For many years, I've maintained and hosted a vBulletin forum that I've created to provide a platform for the vaultmp project. Eventually, development has ceased due to time constraints on my part, and I took the forums offline in 2015. Now they have returned as an archived, read-only copy on the same domain.

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Working for a Purpose Economy company: the sweet spot

We have finished restructuring our company dyve, and, among other things, have provided it with the underpinning of a legal framework that was required to fully articulate (and legally secure) our shared vision and purpose for ourselves and the company. We are now part of the Purpose Economy.

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Building a mobile app using Flutter in two weeks (iOS + Android)

This summer, we decided to architect and implement a mobile app accommodating the e-learning platform of one of our clients, troodi. We have chosen the Flutter framework, which allowed us to rapidly build a production-grade app within two weeks, ready to be deployed on both the iOS and Google Play app stores.

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