Christian Semmler


I have 10+ years of experience building software for various clients, targeting a variety of devices and platforms. You can take a look at my portfolio and online resume to find out more about my skills and experiences.

My work is important to me, and I cooperate closely with all of my clients to deliver the best possible value. Instead of blanket optimizing for any single metric or opting for standard technologies, I'm aiming to evaluate each clients' individual situation and subseqeuently devise a tailormade solution. As such, pricing varies.

Interested in working with me? Please contact me with details of your project and any questions you may have.


Frequently asked questions

The rate varies depending on the requirements of your project. In general, web development and use of standard technologies and frameworks is more affordable in contrast to solutions involving special or extra requirements or constraints (high performance, native code, custom or legacy technologies, etc). The rate is negotiated per project.

The breadth and depth of my tenured experience as a senior engineer is reflected in my prices and, of course, in the quality of my work. As such, I'm not able to offer prices comparable to those of offshore or junior engineers.
In some cases, I'm able to offer fixed pricing provided the scope of the project is very clear-cut and I'm able to (relatively) accurately estimate the effort on my side. Please contact me with the details of your project.
Payment terms may be negotiated individually. In general, payment is due upon completion of my work. You will receive an invoice on a monthly basis, summarizing my services and the amount due. I reserve the right to cancel any agreement I have with you immediately if any invoice remains overdue for too long (4+ weeks). Advance payments may be required for fixed-price projects that exceed a certain scope. Payment can be made either in US dollars or Euros by bank transfer.
Yes. I routinely and closely work together with teams of developers. In addition, I have many years of experience with technical leadership and can support your team of engineers with management, organization, and development tasks and/or provide counseling.
Yes. I can maintain, further develop, or debug most software depending on your needs.
If desired, I can provide long-term maintenance services for any software I developed for you, as well as most systems developed by third parties.
I routinely work together with a number of world-class designers, engineers and managers. Together, we can provide a very wide range of skills and services. Please contact us with the requirements of your project to see if there's a match.